DK Custom Fishing Rods

DK Custom Fishing Rods are 100% custom built rods made specifically to meet your needs.

For many fishing is a hobby, but for DK Custom Fishing Rods fishing is a way of life!

Building quality hand crafted fishing rods is our passion.  Through the years there has been a significant amount of extensive knowledge gained that helps us meet and exceed each customers needs. We strive to make your next fishing trop a better experience than the last!

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About me

Hi, I'm Doug Kidd, your go to custom fishing rod builder

I moved to Florida when I was very young and have adopted the native passion for fishing!  I have been fishing since I can remember being able to walk.  Countless trips to the Florida Keys, the Dry Tortugas, the South East Atlantic, and in various locations around the Florida Gulf Coast have only fueled my passion for wanting to create an array of fishing rods for all styles of fish slaying.

I has been building custom fishing rods since I was 10 years old.  I studied under the watchful eye of Bill Whitson where my talent grew and has since flourished into what is now, 30 years later, DK Custom Fishing Rods. During those years I managed to marry my love for the waters with my passion for rod building to create tailored rods that meet each and every one of my customer's needs. 

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What our customers say

Your work is flawless.
Came out absolutely incredible can't thank you enough!
Ben Begovic
SA Fishing
Doug! Thank you for all the care and hard work that went into these rods. I absolutely love them all! The spinning rods combo of rubber and cork!
Real Estate Agent
Dude the rods perfect I just got it!
Snook Fishing